Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kay Millett – “Glass Under Fire” Exhibition at c1907

Bright, vibrant and unique glass sculptural pieces create an energetic colourful display, contrasting sharply with the stark white exhibition space that is c1907 in the City Place.

Local artist Kay Millett uses bursts of colour to accent the transparent and fluid nature of the glass sculptures, encouraging the transmission of light, thus transfusing them with a life of their own.

“Glass Under Fire” refers to the process of using a kiln to fuse and slump glass to engineer a new creation.  Pieces of glass are fused together in the first firing and once complete, the piece can be left in a flat state, or slumped to give depth and shape.  Faces, busts and bodies in the exhibition have been formed using this slumping technique.

Themes of people, nature and urban landscape are dominant.  “Canefire Across the Barron” refers to an event that once was a regular occurance around Cairns. “Snake Tree” uses a technique that was discovered by Kay and is an innovation in the field of glass art.  Actual snake skin is fired between layers of glass to release the lustre contained within the skin.  This can cause bubbling and explosions – always an impressive result.

A diverse collection comprising one-off creations with large sculptures, smaller pieces and wall art and plates awaits to delight and intrigue the viewer at C1907.  This different and inspiring exhibition will run to 31st July 2010.

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